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28-Mei-2007       VoIP


Kalau yang ini under Linux dan OpenSource juga, modifikasian dari trixbox yang menggunakan Asterisk sebagai platform-nya. Tapi tidak usah takut dulu, aplikasi ini tidak perlu di-install. Karena menggunakan Live-CD (boot langsung dari CD-nya) dan hanya perlu konfigurasi saja. Konfigurasinya juga mudah karena via Web-Based. Konfigurasi yang kita buat akan otomatis di simpan di servernya si Escaux, jadi perlu koneksi internet... :P

Liat aja slogannya : "Just talk, we do the rest" :D


Escaux FREEComplementary to trixbox, ESCAUX net.PBX is a Business grade Asterisk IPPBX system for SME & Corporate. This full featured freePBX with a webbased CallFlow Editor provides full flexibility and 100% self-management. Replace your PABX and go VoIP now.

ESCAUX net.PBX is a turnkey Asterisk solution designed for the SME and Corporate customer. We made Asterisk easy. Expercience for yourself and download the ESCAUX net.PBX Free Edition today.

ESCAUX net.PBX runs directly from CD, requires no installation and does not overwrite your harddisk. Your configuration changes are centrally stored on our servers and become instantly available at every system reboot. Simply place our Self-Configuring Live CD in your PC and show-off to friends and colleagues with your "Web controlled, Asterisk based, Business IP PBX".

Free Edition

The net.PBX Free Edition is a full featured IP PBX system suitable for Business use. You can install and run the Free Edition on your own servers and benefit from a close to zero cost IP PBX system for your company. On Demand commercial support packages are available to assist you with installation or configuration but you can also refer to our net.PBX Community Forum.

At any moment in time you can decide to migrate towards a Commercial version of our product and benefit from our unmatched Service Level Agreement, Guaranteed response and Repair times.

The ESCAUX Free Edition is an Open Source project hosted at SourceForge.


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